Finding Passion

with AromaTouch

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During her AromaTouch Technique journey, Kimberly developed a special bond with her daughter, Mercedes, who came into their lives from an orphanage when she was 11 months old. Kimberly says, “She was a poor, neglected, sweet baby girl who came to us with just the clothes she had on and a bottle. ”Mercedes is now a 13-year-old with a true servant’s heart who isn’t afraid of hard work and is always willing to jump in and help others. “She is truly my right hand girl. I absolutely love the time we spend training others; it’s an amazing experience being able to change lives together. We often travel several hours to teach classes and doing that makes my heart happy. Through these trips, we’ve even gotten to see some firsts together, like Lake Michigan.”

After watching her mom giving the AromaTouch Technique to others and seeing how happy it made them, Mercedes realized that’s exactly what she wanted to do—help people and cheer them up. So she asked her mom if she could be trained. She says, “My mom told me I had to be 18, but I could learn and help her, and that’s just what I did!”

“It has been two and a half years since my certification and I am so very glad I did it. What an opportunity I have been given to help others be able to give a blessing to someone else.”
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Mercedes likes to help her mom by passing her the oils when she is doing the demonstration, or setting up the table. She says, “There are times when I’m a partner fill in, or I’ll be the one that my mom does the demonstrations on when we don’t have enough people in the class.”

Kimberly mentions, “My favorite moment just recently happened when Mercedes and I had the privilege to teach a blind girl the technique. It was rewarding to know that anyone has the ability to learn. I love seeing each person who receives this blessing be changed, physically and mentally, along with the gratitude they have for it.” In addition to helping others, Kimberly continues to experience the benefits of the AromaTouch Technique in her own family. “Being able to give my littles the AromaTouch Technique has been a huge blessing.

In addition, having the ability to teach my older kids to give the AromaTouch Technique has made me feel immense gratitude. I would say to everyone, get certified! It is life changing for a lot of people. Even if you have no plans of giving anyone but family the AromaTouch Technique, it would be worth it.”

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