Fall Upcycle Projects




  • empty supplement bottle
  • feathers
  • spray paint
  • hot glue gun


  1. Spray paint the lid and bottle of an empty supplement bottle.
  2. While the bottle dries, arrange feathers and glue them in place. Once they are stable, hot glue them to the back of your dried bottle.
  3. Use your creativity for the face. You can utilize paint, felt, or paper. Cut your desired pieces out and apply them to the lid with hot glue, then glue the face to the bottle. Add whatever details you desire: more feathers in the front for wings, or feet to the bottom of the bottle. Use your imagination.



Essential Oil Bottle Pumpkin


  • empty essential oil bottles
  • green felt
  • string
  • hot glue
  • spray paint
  • painters tape


  1. Wrap the bottles with tape, allowing only the bottom to show, and spray paint.
  2. Arrange the bottles in rows (3 on the bottom, then 4, then 5, then 4 and 3 on the top row) and hot glue them together.
  3. Take a lid and glue it to the top of the pumpkin for the stem.
  4. Tip: You can spray paint the lid to resemble the color of a pumpkin stem.
  5. Cut leaf shapes from the green felt and hot glue them on or around the “stem.”
  6. Tie a short length of twine around the stem to resemble the vine.

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