Slim & Sassy - Andrew Marshall

2014 Slim & Sassy Grand Prize Winner



I have significantly changed almost every aspect of my wellness in three short months. I sleep better, have more energy, and participate in more physical activity than I have in years. I've noticed that even though I do have cravings for food I shouldn't eat, I am in control now. By cutting my refined sugar level down to a very minimal amount, I have noticed massive changes in my health. I have begun hiking and enjoying the outdoors, areas I have not been able to go in several years. This has helped me reconnect with a part of me that has felt lost for some time. I have more energy to enjoy time with my kids, and I have the motivation to go the extra mile and plan more meaningful activities with them. I'm developing self confidence that I have not enjoyed for ages. I find that I just feel better in every aspect of my life.

To state it simply, I have more vitality in every facet of my life. I have struggled with obesity for the better part of a decade now. This is the first time in almost nine years that I feel I have the power to take control and put my health in order. I have lost 67 pounds to date, but this is not the end! My end goal is to reach a weight of 180 lbs. While I have made amazing headway in a short amount of time, I still have a lot of work to do. The thing that surprises me the most is that I thought it would be so difficult throughout the entire journey. What I didn't expect was how enjoyable the process would be. It's like waking up every few days with a better body than I had the day before. Never in my life has my hard work paid off in a way that gave me such satisfaction.


Be patient! Don’t expect to see results in the first day of your changes. In the past, I have given up because I didn’t see changes in a 48-hour period. Long-term changes require long-term commitment. If you make healthy changes in your diet and exercise, you will see results.

Make time for wellness. If you do not have enough time in your day to cook a healthy meal or get an appropriate amount of exercise in a week, then I beg you to reconsider your lifestyle. Eliminate the unimportant, timeconsuming activities that get in the way of living each day to the fullest. Make time to ponder and consider your wellness. Don’t be so rushed that you force yourself into a position that you limit your options when it comes to food (yes, that means avoid fast food!). And most importantly, make time to have fun while being healthy. No matter what level of fitness you are at, there are ways to have fun while being active. Search out those things and enrich your life with them.

Remember that this is all about long-term wellness, not a short-term competition. Starving your body or feeding it a drastic diet to see quick results will only hurt you in the long run. Begin by developing healthy eating habits that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Keeping your body’s cells well fed with the proper nutrition is essential in the weight loss process.

Don’t let the tiny setbacks outweigh your overall progress. I weighed myself every morning during the competition. My weight would sometimes fluctuate 5 pounds up or down within 24 hours. At first, I was mortified on the days the scale would tell me that I had gained several pounds. But as I stuck to my goals and followed the program I made for myself, I learned that this is perfectly normal. In the end, I stopped worrying about the day-to-day fluctuations and was amazed at the progress I saw in the long run.


1. NEVER GO A SINGLE DAY WITHOUT NOURISHING YOUR BODY WITH LOTS OF HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS FOOD. No matter how hard you work out, you will not lose weight with a poor diet.

2. CREATE A WORKOUT ROUTINE WHERE YOU CAN TRACK PROGRESS. Watch your improvements from week to week. It’s motivating! There are many great free apps for tracking fitness on your phone.

3. MAKE SURE YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE INCLUDES DECENT AMOUNTS OF WEIGHT/STRENGTH TRAINING. Building muscle burns calories, tearing muscle down and repairing it burns even more. Not to mention it looks good, which increases your confidence and makes you want to work harder.

4. EAT A LOW GLYCEMIC DIET. Foods with high sugar content (that includes starchy foods like potatoes) raise insulin levels that aid in the storage of fat and can cause cravings when the excess of insulin causes low blood sugar. This creates a cycle of high and low blood sugar that can lead to binging. Balancing my sugar intake has been one of the most important changes I’ve made.

5. CREATE A SUPPORT SYSTEM. Find friends that will keep you accountable to your goals. In the beginning, the majority of my success came from letting my friends push me. Even now it is always more enjoyable to work out and be active with friends.

6. MEDITATION IS A VERY POWERFUL TOOL IN THE WEIGHT LOSS PROCESS. It is the link between our conscious goals and getting our body to respond through our subconscious. There are many good hypno- sis recordings out there. I prefer one that has you create an image in your mind of what you want your future body to look like.

7. IDENTIFY REASONS THAT MAY BE KEEPING YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT. Emotional obesity is a real thing. Problems from the past you may not be aware of and that haven’t been addressed could be keeping you from weight loss success. “The Gabriel Method” does an excellent job identifying and exploring what some of these issues might be.

8. SLEEP. If you aren’t sleeping well or enough, you are crippling your body’s ability to recover and perform at its best. Make it a priority to get a good night’s rest every day. For me, lack of sleep equals lack of will power.

9. LOVE YOUR BODY. Love everything about it and don’t be ashamed of it for any reason. I found that respecting my body and not feeling ashamed of it allowed me to work more freely and to get healthier. When I stopped worry- ing about how I looked and just enjoyed my body and the progress it was making, I found myself working harder and trying new things at the gym that I was previously too self-conscious to do.

*Results vary based on diet and exercise. Typical Loss may be less.

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