Can Essential Oils Improve Classroom Behavior?

FALLON HENDERSON attends third grade at Dent Elementary in Escalon, California. She is also one of the youngest doTERRA® enthusiasts. Because doTERRA has been a big part of her life at home, Fallon developed her own passion for essential oils and a desire to share them with her friends and classmates. Recently, Fallon conducted a successful science project where she performed a study on doTERRA essential oils in her classroom.

The purpose of her experiment was to prove whether certain essential oils can improve focus, test scores, and overall classroom behavior. Before she could bring her project to life, Fallon had to receive an official approval from the students’ parents, the district school board, and the county board. The research delivered incredible results and landed Fallon a first place ribbon.



Before introducing essential oils to her class of approximately 20 students and one teacher, Fallon gave each person a short survey to establish a base for the result comparison for the following three weeks of her study. At the beginning of week one, she placed the Aroma Lite Diffuser in the classroom where it was kept in the same location during the course of the study, only changing the essential oils. During the first week, Fallon diffused Peppermint with Wild Orange daily; during the second week: Rosemary with Peppermint; and the third week, Citrus Bliss®Blend–which was everyone’s favorite. To keep track of the results, students completed the same survey at the end of each week. Fallon’s teacher helped her with averaging class math test scores and survey results. Let’s take a look at what they discovered.


Over the course of the study, most of the class felt less tired, seemed more alert, and students had an easier time remembering answers and paying attention during lessons. The class average for the math test jumped from 83.5 percent to 93.1 percent by the end of the second week. “My study shows that diffusing essential oils improves our class behavior. We were able to remember our answers and stay focused throughout the day.” Fallon is very excited for next year’s science fair. She is planning on doing another experiment with doTERRA essential oils!

  1. Increased focus and alertness
  2. Improved overall mood
  3. Math test score improved by 10 percent

Essential Oils Used in the Study



Wild Orange:

improves mood


helps reduce occasional fatigue; improves focus and concentration

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