Bursting with Richness

Tara Bliss


But, she says, “Though my business seemed perfect and successful from the outside, I was burning out and craving connection. I was ready for more systems and support in my business because I sensed the way I was currently operating wasn’t sustainable.”

Shortly after, she came across Hayley Hobson’s website and enrolled with her. As Tara researched the compensation plan, it became clear that this was the support she had been looking for. She says, “This business leverages the energy of community (and particularly with my team, sisterhood) in an age where we need it most. We are moving from an archetypal ‘I’ to ‘we’ and network marketing or, as I call it, ‘collaborative business,’ provides a framework and opportunity for the lone wolf to join the wolf pack. Together, we rise.”

Today, Tara is motivated to provide residual income for every household. She says, “My why is to help others create a life that can look after them even when they’re unable to look after themselves. People die, people get sick—life happens, and when it does, cash flow should be the last thing we’re worried about.”

Her husband, Glen, has always supported her in all of her projects. Tara says, “He wholeheartedly believes I can do anything I set my heart and mind to.” As a chef who is not in his “zone of genius” in front of a computer, he may never join her in doTERRA, but he supports her through his enthusiasm and encouragement.

“My life is bursting with richness from the phenomenal friendships that have blossomed in my life through doTERRA,” Tara says. “Sometimes I need to pinch myself when I think that my business partners have become some of my closest friends—like family. Undoubtedly, this is the highlight for me. The six-figure income is just a beautiful bonus.”



“Because of my business experience, I tended to get in my way a little, instead of surrendering more to the doTERRA culture and business model. I needed to relax a little in order to really allow the magic to happen."


“My innovative nature thought I needed to reinvent everything, when in fact all I needed to do was walk in, embrace the systems, model the habits of the people who walked this path before me, and imbue the experience with my energy and unique essence.”


“Leadership isn’t necessarily innate. I truly believe it’s a skill that can be learned and cultivated. Although I was a coach and speaker, I had no idea how to lead teams of people until doTERRA. My first few months were filled with awkward team calls and feelings of inadequacy.


“I look back at those moments with compassion for myself, knowing I wouldn’t be who I am today without walking those uncomfortable edges. Don’t compare yourself to people who have been doing the business longer. Everyone started somewhere, and your time is now.”

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