Dinah Wilson

Dinah Wilson is a single mom of two kids, so she didn’t think she had enough money to get more involved iwth doTERRA, until she found out that through the Loyalty Rewards program she could get oils for free. She is a yoga instructor, and started sharing oils with her students. Before long, they were asking her to teach them a doTERRA class. She says, “I made $1,000 that first month. Going from making $120 a week as a yoga instructor and a single mom to that was really exciting for me.”

From there, she knew she could hit Silver too, and did so just a few months later. Dinah has taught her children that she is working to make the world a better place. She says, “We shifted that obstacle into a learning opportunity to empower them to see what they can do to help others.” After being a broke single mom, Dinah has been able to turn her energy into something constructive. She says, “All of that mental turmoil and strain has been transformed into a positive outlet that I can use to help myself and my team. I’m now in a much better, happier place.”

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