Pramela Thiagesan

Pramela was living in transitional living for victims of domestic abuse, and she and her two young children were categorized as homeless. She started taking some of the few things she owned to the consignment store to sell them. After a month, she had $150 to buy a Family Physician Kit. She called customer service to place her order and her card was declined. She only had exactly enough money for the cost of the kit, but not for the shipping fees and tax. Her daughter offered her to sell her toys to get the extra money they needed. This inspired Pramela to keep trying.   
When she received a check a week later that covered the cost of her oils, she was shocked. She started working to make enough to pay for rent and move out of transitional living. Then, she thought if she could just make $2,000 a month, she would be set. She reached that goal within four months. “After that, it stopped being about the money and it became about helping other people earn what they needed.” Today, she can hardly comprehend all that she has received. She says, “Last month, my check was $13,000. If anyone had asked me what I needed to feel stable, comfortable, and powerful in my life, $13,000 is not the amount I would have come up with—it would have been a lot less.” Now, she is putting her money back into supporting the domestic abuse programs that once supported her. “doTERRA has enabled me to actualize my childhood dream of being the reason why someone’s life could be different. There’s no way I could have done this without doTERRA.” 

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