Shane & Brooke Pugh

When Shane and Brooke were first introducted to doTERRA they were on welfare and felt worn out and beat down by life. Brook took most of the oils she got on her first order and gave them away to anyone she could—even knocking on doors and talking to people she didn’t know. Every dime she made she invested back into her business. Within three months, she was Gold. She says, “I ran with it as hard as a person can run because I didn’t have any other way.”
Now, her family has been able to get off of welfare and can afford to rent a home of their own. Brooke says, “There was no way I could have ever gotten out without doTERRA." She is amazed that she can now create as much income as she wants and is able to take care of her children. Brooke says, “Once upon a time I felt completely unworthy of love and life. Now, life is almost unrecognizable from what it was before. I feel abundant. The possibilities are endless. I’m excited and hopeful for the future. I could have never wrapped my brain around what a major life-changing blessing this would be.”

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