Scott & Shyanne Hathaway

Scott and Shyanne began their journey with doTERRA when Scott was laid off from his job. To cut down on expenses, they moved to a one-room cabin in a tiny town called Burrville, with a population of 20 people. The next nearest town had around 200 people. Scott says, “We shared our room with bedbugs, spiders, and two kids for about four months.” Eventually they began to make enough to pay rent and were able to move somewhere where the kids could have a room of their own.
When asked how doTERRA changed their life, Shyanne is quick to say, “We don’t have dreams anymore, we have plans.” These plans include homeschooling their kids and taking them to historical sites that they teach them about. They also want to travel the world and become self-sustaining. Scott illustrates, “We want to have greenhouses. We want to have clean, fresh food and water. To help bring that to life, we’re working toward buying land and acquiring the necessary water shares to be able to share that with our community.”   

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