Darren & Rosie Gremmert

Rosie realized that a doTERRA business could be the key to getting her husband, Darren, out of his factory job.

She says, “He’s clocked in and out and we’ve been at the mercy of negotiations with the union for decades. There have been times where he’s been laid off for years. I’ve had situations where I didn’t even have the gas in the car to be able to take my sick babies to the free clinic.”

With no retirement in sight, they knew that both of them would have to work until they couldn’t anymore. She says, “Giving back is a huge part of what my family stands for and why we do we what we do. doTERRA has become a way that we are going to be free to do humanitarian aid.”

Darren will be able to retire from his factory job in April 2016 and have his whole life ahead of him in return for all the hard work he has put in.

“Before, we were not even living paycheck to paycheck,” Rosie says. “We did not have enough.” Now, they are going to be able to retire and move next to their children and grandchildren and have more than enough to give back and serve others.

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