Brandon & Lindsey Gifford

After the birth of her son, Lindsey’s babysitter backed out on her and she wasn’t able to afford daycare, so she ended up not being able to go back to work. She started babysitting other people’s children to make ends meet. She says, “When doTERRA came along, it was such a blessing.”

Her family no longer has to live paycheck to paycheck and financial freedom is in their sights. Lindsey says, “I literally enrolled with $35. I didn’t even have that. A week later I got a check in the mail that paid for all the oils I wanted to buy and then some. It just kept building from there.” Now, she’s realized that she can do so much more. “I can’t express how doTERRA has given me confidence, a mission, and a life that I never thought would be possible for me. I know now that I do deserve it. doTERRA has changed me."

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