Rachell Brinkerhoff

Before her divorce, Rachell Brinkerhoff had been a stay-at-home mom of two kids. Now, she found herself living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling just to put gas in the car. For six months, she lived in a one bedroom apartment. Later, she was forced to move from her one-bedroom apartment and find a new home. She found a beachside cottage that cost almost twice as much in rent as she had paid before. Knowing her doTERRA business was growing, she signed the lease for this new home and told herself she had to hit Silver in order to pay for it.

She made that commitment, and not only hit Silver the month she needed to, but continued to do so every month after. Soon she hit Gold, and replaced her income from her two jobs. Rachell knows that without doTERRA she would still be stuck working for someone else, never able to see her kids—and unhappy. She says, “I feel like doTERRA has given me all the things that I’ve been searching for for years. It’s completely aligned with everything I’ve ever wanted. I can make a difference in other people’s lives and have the time and financial freedom that I’ve always dreamed of. As a single mom, that’s a big deal.”

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