Back-to-School Blends

Going back to school is an exciting time of year. Help your kids get back into the routine with Thinker®, InTune®, and doTERRA Motivate® Touch. Each of these blends have fresh, exciting aromas that help create an atmosphere that’s perfect for studying.

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  • Apply to the temples and back of the neck as part of a work or study routine.
  • Apply to the wrists or back of the hands and inhale deeply.
  • Dispense on a clay pendant, placing on a desk or in other key areas in a classroom or workspace.

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doTERRA Motivate Touch

  • Prime your wrists for a day of hard work.
  • Apply to the back of the neck before giving a speech.
  • Apply to pulse points before participating in sporting events or other competitions.

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  • Keep on hand in your purse or child’s backpack and apply as needed.
  • Roll onto the wrists or hands and inhale deeply before a test.
  • Apply as part of your studying practices.

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