About Mindy


About Mindy

Mindy started sharing doTERRA and was introduced to the AromaTouch Technique® in 2013. Here is what she has to say about the AromaTouch Technique: 
Why do you love the AromaTouch Technique?
"I use the AromaTouch Technique in my massage practice every single day. I have seen such amazing results on clients, family and friends I absolutely want everyone I meet to experience the gift that is AromaTouch Technique." 
Why would you encourage others to learn the AromaTouch Technique? 
"It's the most simple way to give an incredible oil experience to others and yourself when occasional complicated health situations come up - or every day for maintenance." 

To let Mindy know of your interest in the AromaTouch Technique, send her an email here: mindy@essentialninja.com 

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