dōTERRA Donates to Volunteer Program that Helps Incarcerated Women

December 18, 2015 

Poetic Justice allows women to work through feelings of depression and anxiety with poetry.

As part of the Oklahoma Literary Arts Alliance, the Poetic Justice program has offered poetry and writing classes to incarcerated women at the Tulsa prison for the past year and a half. The majority of these women serve 4 to 12 months at the jail, with no contact or connection to the outside world. The Poetic Justice program is completely made up of volunteers who pay out of their own pockets to run the program.
When representatives from Poetic Justice reached out to doTERRA, the company was happy to make a donation that will support the poetry classes in the future. doTERRA made a donation that will allow the program to continue, and remove some of the financial strain on the volunteers.
The Poetic Justice Program seeks to empower incarcerated women by allowing them to express their feelings and ideas through poetry. Incarceration can take a toll on the mental health of prisoners—especially for those who are isolated or confined to their cells for long periods of time each day. Feelings of anxiety, panic, depression, rage, and even hallucinations can develop in incarcerated individuals after long periods of confinement.1
In order to avoid the development of mental illnesses and conditions like depression and anxiety within prisoners, many correctional facilities offer activities and classes that involve interaction and expression. Many facilities hope that by helping prisoners avoid depressed or anxious feelings, life after incarceration (and transitioning back into society) will be a little easier.
During the Poetic Justice classes, participants have the ability to express their feelings as a way of coping with their current situation. It also provides them with a platform for interacting with others, and a way to be involved in discussions. With help from doTERRA, the program will continue to aid incarcerated women at the Tulsa jail, a shelter for abused women, and eventually at a women’s prison. The program has reached over 400 women over the last year and a half.

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