dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Works to Help Amputees Walk Again through Steps of Faith

January 19, 2016

Billy Brimblecom uses “Steps of Faith” program to help disabled individuals work through the pain of amputation.

When doTERRA Wellness Advocate Billy Brimblecom lost his leg due to cancer in 2005, he was overwhelmed by everything happening in his life. Not only did he have to deal with all of the emotions and physical pain that come with amputation, but he was also dealing with a huge financial burden. His insurance only covered half of the cost of his prosthetic leg, leaving him with a $30,000 bill.
Luckily, Billy had friends and family who rallied to help him cover the cost. Though his prosthetic was paid for, and he was grateful for that, Billy knew that prosthetics don’t last forever. He also knew that not everyone has a group of friends and family who can help when costs get high.
As he moved on from the emotional, financial, and physical pain of his surgery, he got used to life with his prosthetic. At this time, Billy became more aware of amputees who were on crutches and in wheelchairs because they couldn’t pay for prosthetics. He says, “I deeply felt the injustice of this. These were people that could be walking and leading active lives, and the only thing getting in the way of that was money.” Billy knew this was a painful way to live, and felt motivated to help amputees in this situation.
In 2013, Billy met Rob Pittman, the owner of a prosthetic company, and the founder of the Steps of Faith Foundation. Billy joined forces with Rob, and is now the executive director for the nonprofit, while Rob serves as the board president. The foundation provided Billy with a way to help those amputees he had been worrying about—particularly those who were unable to pay.
Today, Steps of Faith helps amputees without health insurance or the means to pay for the prosthetics they need. According to Billy, most of these people are unemployed because they can’t walk, and they can’t walk because they are unable to pay for their prosthetics.
Billy feels that he has truly found his calling with Steps of Faith. He says, "I’m motivated to help others walk and be active, just like I was given the opportunity to do. I want to give others hope and comfort in the midst of a very challenging, scary time in their life. The need is great, and we want to expand our reach to help as many people as we can so amputees don’t have to go through these challenges alone."

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