Our Caring

About the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.


Cō-Impact Sourcing Projects

In addition to supplying the highest quality essential oils dōTERRA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to dōTERRA’s oil production.
With over 100 essential oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries —more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, dōTERRA has introduced an initiative called Cō-Impact Sourcing.


Humanitarian Partnerships

doTERRA's vast network of humanitarian partnerships is unparalleled. When a vast global network of like-minded people who care for others engage in making a difference, magic happens. You see hope re-emerge where there was once no hope. You see optimism return to people's outlook on the opportunities that surround them. You see lives change.  

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