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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the pricing changes?

doTERRA loves its customers. We will never compromise on social responsibility, quality, or value. doTERRA’s CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils offer our customers the highest potency for maximized health benefit. In the past decade, costs associated with producing essential oils have changed. While most oils have become more expensive to produce, expanded supply on others have led to some lower prices. Please be aware that on February 1, 2019 adjustments will be made to USA and Canada prices and posted online. We remain committed to keeping doTERRA essential oils as affordable as possible, to lower costs, and pass savings on to customers. Online prices at doterra.com will always be the most up to date and accurate. 

Where do my dollars go with doTERRA?

Our farming and distillation processes prioritize purity and potency, which means only a drop or two are required to help support your body. doTERRA’s quality is unmatched. In addition, doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing® methods mean our oils are always ethically and sustainably grown and manufactured. Not only do we produce the highest quality essential oils—we ensure that our process is a vehicle for real and enduring social change in communities across the world.

Are kit prices affected by the pricing changes?

Please note that kit prices are not changing, and in many cases, kits offer incredible savings.

Whenever possible, we look to create value for our customers; that is why we maintain initiatives such as our Loyalty Rewards Program and various promotions. 

How are PV, points, and LRP affected by these price changes?

Prices, PV, and points for certain products have changed. Please check your LRP templates, coordinate with your downlines, and prepare to make any necessary adjustments.  

How does this affect NFR markets?

Price adjustments will affect NFR markets; however, prices in these markets will differ from the updated price list for the US. Each market and country are different. Please contact your local NFR market for the most updated information.

For some oils, price and PV are no longer the same. Why is this?

Costs have risen over the last decade. Our new pricing and PV adjustments are calculated to keep our oils—especially the most precious and expensive ones—affordable, so you can bring them into your home. In some cases, PV is now lower than price, which allows us to keep prices as low as possible and pass the savings on to you and your family.

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