Product Donation Empowers Victims of Sexual Abuse

dōTERRA member April Joy Ford and leader Sandra Pascal raised product donations to benefit April Joy’s organization, Joy’s G.I.F.T.

As a new member of doTERRA, April Joy Ford experienced the powerful and significant benefits of essential oils. Working through her emotions as a recent widow, alongside the trauma from her childhood sexual abuse, April Joy’s first introduction to essential oils helped her find balance, serenity, and peace. 

After this experience, April Joy felt inspired to leave her career as an engineer at Intel Corporation to begin the nonprofit organization Joy’s G.I.F.T. (Global Illumination Foundation Thrives). Joy’s G.I.F.T. empowers survivors of sexual abuse and trafficking, particularly women and youth living in foster care or safe homes, by providing them with services and resources to encourage mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. The unique recovery and restoration program used by Joy’s G.I.F.T., which utilizes the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® kit for both survivors and staff, has been approved by the California Department of Social Services.
A successful product matching campaign allowed April Joy to move forward with the “Break the Barriers” program that Joy’s G.I.F.T. was implementing in foster homes and resident homes in California. This program was designed not only to train and equip survivors with the necessary tools to overcome the trauma that they have experienced, but also to use essential oils and aromatherapy to promote the self-care of the staff that work directly with the survivors. 
“Remember,” says April Joy, “rescue of survivors is crucial, but recovery and restoration after trauma is vital to truly break the cycle!”

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