Choosing Your dōTERRA Enrollment Kit

Opening your new doTERRA Enrollment Kit will bring about the excitement you felt as a child on Christmas morning; and with its sleek new packaging, you’ll be thrilled to give your new Wellness Advocate enrollees the products they need in a fun and attractive style.

We, at doTERRA headquarters, love coming up with new ideas to gift you as valued members of the company, which is why we have revamped our Enrollment Packages. Now they are composed almost entirely of reusable materials, all while holding the aesthetic integrity we value.

All of our Kits were designed to be used as a display too! Check out some of our favorites:

Every Oil Kit

With the Every Oil Enrollment Kit, you are given complete access to build your oil knowledge and personally experience the effects of the abundant benefits of doTERRA essential oils. 









Cleanse & Restore

This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health.






















Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

With six proprietary essential oil blends representing common categories of emotional well-being, the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System makes emotional aromatherapy easy and accessible for anyone dealing with common negative emotions.


Your New Essentials Booklet

We’ve also added the new doTERRA Essentials booklet to each enrollment kit, which contains important and interesting topics, like:  

  • Sourcing: this discusses the origins of our oils and how they’re extracted. It’s fascinating learning the intricate processes of how these precious oils are created! 
  • Scientific research: what makes doTERRA oils so superior is the fact we have scientific research to back up our claims. This allows you the peace of mind to do your work by spreading the good word knowing you have CPTG® oils. 
  • Information on each oil: your ultimate guide on each oil’s main benefits and uses.
  • Safety guide: each oil is unique in its use and benefits. Some can be ingested, while others would be toxic. The safety guide will provide you with that knowledge. 
  • Supplement and weight management information: filled with information to help you discern which supplements to take and when. 
  • Hair and personal care: know why these products work and which active ingredients are being used in each of them. 
  • Oil cap stickers: to help you organize your collection of oils. 

Which is the Best Kit for Your Enrollees?

Distinguish Their Role in doTERRA

If someone wants to build a business or they want to share with other people, usually a larger Kit (such as the Every Oil or Diamond Kit) is the best option for them because it will actually save them money in the long run. If someone is wanting doTERRA oils for personal use, the Cleanse & Restore and Home Essentials Kits are perfect for their situation.

Help Your new Enrollees see the Value of Their Kit

When you are teaching a class or a one-on-one, talk about the oils and other products in the Kit that you know will benefit them most. Give them a clear idea of how each product will help improve their lives. If you spend the class talking about oils that are not in the Kit, potential enrollees are less likely to see why the Kit will be beneficial for them.

Point out the Savings and Extra Benefits of Purchasing a Kit 

This goes along with seeing the value of the Kit. Included on the flyer, you will see the savings included in purchasing the Kit and also the benefits in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). By purchasing a larger Kit, enrollees have the potential to earn free LRP points and also get on the LRP Fast Track Program.

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