Notice - Amendment and Modification to United States Policy Manual

Notice is hereby given of amendments to the Policy Manual.  This Notice and the amended Policy Manual are posted at

Pursuant to Section 20 of the Policy Manual, Wellness Advocates (WAs) agree that thirty days after publication of notice, that modifications become effective and are automatically incorporated into the Contract between the Company and its WA as an effective and binding provision.  

By continuing to act as a WA, or engaging in any Distributorship Activity, including purchasing products, after the amendments or modifications have become effective, a WA acknowledges acceptance of the new Contract terms.

As more fully set forth in Section 9 of the Policy Manual, a Wellness Advocate that personally enrolls a new Wellness Advocate that achieves the rank of Premier within 90 days is no longer allowed to move the new enrollee within the Enroller’s organization except for persons of the rank of Presidential Diamond.  

Additionally, as fully set forth in Section 10(B)(9) of the “Concentrated Legs” paragraph, the volume from one leg of a Wellness Advocate’s Organization is modified to eighty percent (80%). 

As more fully set forth in Section 12, the doTERRA Intellectual Property provisions have been updated to address Certified Websites and to identify locations on with Allowed Content.

As more fully set forth in Section 12 and 13(B), Wellness Advocates may sell products on Replicated Websites and Certified Sites but may not sell product through online auctions or mall sites, such as Amazon or eBay.  

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