Incentive Trip 2020—Rules


 For each enrollment completed, Enroller earns between two and four points (depending the size of the initial enrollment order) for signing up a new member with a minimum initial order of 100PV.


Enrollment Order Points Received
100–224 PV2
225–399 PV3
400+ PV4


 Additional points will be awarded to enroller if the enrollee creates and places a 100+ PV LRP order in months 2, 3 & 4. 


MonthPoints Received


 Rank Advancement Points: Additional points will also be awarded for Enroller who advances to new rank Silver. More points can be earned if Enroller maintains Silver rank or above throughout the qualifying period. Maximum points can be earn is 30. Enroller does not need to hit Silver rank for consecutive months. 

Silver Rank AdvancementPoints Received
1st Month10
2nd Month5
3rd Month5
4th Month5
5th Month5
Total Possible30



For example:
If Enroller hits new Silver rank in June, they will get 10 points. If Enroller does not manage to hit Silver again in July, they will get 0 points for the month. If Enroller manages to hit Silver again in August, they will get 5 points each for the month.

Terms & Conditions


  • Open to Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines Wellness Advocates, 18 years and above only.
  • Qualifier must maintain a monthly 100PV LRP order from June to October 2019.
  • Enrollments must be from Singapore, Malaysia or Philippines.
  • Campaign will ONLY count for enrollments and subsequent LRP orders from 1 Jun to 31 Oct 2019.
  • For each completed enrollment, Enroller earns between two and four points (depending on the initial enrollment order) for signing up a new Wellness Advocate (WA) or Wholesale Customer with a minimum initial order of 100PV.
  • Additional points will be awarded to enroller if the enrollee maintains a 100+PV LRP order in month 2, 3 and 4.
  • Enrollee’s subsequent LRP order has to be consecutive.
  • Transferring enrollment-ship to another individual will result in losing the points that had been awarded for that Enroller.
  • Re-activation and account transfer of ownership will not be counted as new enrollments in this contest.
  • Each winner is only entitled to one prize level.
  • If a winner is unable to attend, they will only be entitled to half the product points; all other parts of the prize will be forfeited.
  • If a new Enrollee returns the products or terminates prior to the end of the promotion, points earned through the Enrollee will be lost.
  • doTERRA reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Contest prizes are not transferable or cash refundable.
  • Contest is limited to one person one account only.


Winners will be announced at the end of the contest period.

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