Slim & Sassy® набор - 2 ванильных шейка 

Товар: 38010001
Размер: Упаковка на 40 дней
Розничная цена: $260.00 USD
Оптовая цена: $195.00 USD
PV (персональный объем): 125
*Доставка с американского склада
*Не доступен для Россия НФР


Kick off your weight management goals with the Slim & Sassy Trim Kit. Slim down by using Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend in your water, or use topically, throughout the day as part of your new commitment to improve your lifestyle with diet and exercise. Reduce your cravings with satisfying TrimShakes. This kit includes:

  • Four 15 mL bottles Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend
  • Two Vanilla TrimShakes (40 servings each)

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