IT Updates

Virtual office

We have had a lot of feedback recently around the new look Virtual Office and its ease of usability, and would like to thank you all for providing your thoughts and experiences.

As a result of this feedback, and with the vision of continuing to support you and your teams, we have made the decision to switch back to the previous Virtual Office. This change will occur at 12pm, Thursday 11th June AEST. We will stay on the previous Virtual Office for the next couple of months so that we can address the feedback you have provided and work to improve your doTERRA shopping experience.

Please note, if you wish to continue to use the New Look Virtual Office, this option will still be available to you via a hyperlink above the promotional banners on the back office homepage, however the default setting will be reverting back to the previous version. 

We will be working on some changes and look to revert back to the new VO as the default as improvements are made in the near future.

IT Committee

We have enlisted a group of leaders to be involved in our IT Committee. The members of our IT committee will act as your representatives by working with our corporate staff to provide feedback regarding enhancements and updates they believe would be beneficial in the IT space. They will also be involved in testing of new enhancements to ensure we work through any issues that may arise and give feedback on the overall experience.

Help Centre
The Help Centre is an invaluable resource as it can help you find the answer to your dōTERRA questions from Loyalty Rewards, Commissions, Shipping, Promotions and everything in between. It empowers you as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate to take your dōTERRA knowledge into your own hands.
We recently extended the access levels of our Elites and Premiers. Elite and Premier leaders now have access to lodge an IT ticket through the Help Centre’s technical issues icon. This gives you unprecedented access to our IT team to ensure we tackle your IT issues in a timely manner. We also have a Live Chat function which is open and available 24 hours a day for any IT related inquiries. 

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