How to earn Points:

  1. Points are earned by enrolling new members with an Enrolment Order during the qualification period 16 August 6.00PM NZST 2021 – 1 December 7.59PM NZDT 2021 (16 August 12.00AM MST – 30 November 11.59PM MST)​
  2. Retain newly enrolled Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers through the Loyalty Rewards Program and receive additional points for the Loyalty Reward Program orders they submit during the qualification period. ​

Australian or New Zealand enrolments must make up 80% of total new enrolments. The remaining 20% of enrolments may be made up from international markets.​

PV Enrolment Order Points
0-99PV 1
100-199PV 2
200PV+ 3
Loyalty Rewards Program Order:
​ (Minimum 100PV Single order)
Month 2 2
Month 3 3
Month 4 4

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