1. How do I qualify for the Incentive Trip?
    To learn how to qualify and earn points, please visit the Qualifications Page.
  2. When does the qualification period begin and end?
    The 2022 Incentive Trip qualification period runs from August 16 6.00PM NZST 2021 – 1 December 7.59PM NZDT 2021 (16 August 12.00AM MST – 30 November 11.59PM MST)
  3. How frequently will standings be updated online?
    Standing will be updated weekly beginning August 26 2021 on the doTERRA Australia and New Zealand websites.
  4. Can I participate if I am based in another market?
  5. No, unfortunately the 2022 AUNZ Incentive Trip is only open to eligible Wellness Advocates based in the Australia and New Zealand markets.
  6. If I enrol a new person in August, and they submit their LRP in October, skipping September – do I still earn maximum points?
  7. No. New enrollees need to place an LRP in all qualifying months after enrolling (September, October and November) in order to receive maximum points. LRP Orders do not have to be submitted during consecutive months to earn points, though they must be submitted during the qualification period.

  8. How many winners will be selected?
    Please see the Prizes page for details on prize levels.
  9. If I qualify and want my family to come on the trip, can they join me?
    Once all prize winners have confirmed their attendance on the trip as priority, information will be made available from the travel agent team as we get closer to the trip. This is dependent on spaces and availability permitting.
  10. When will confirmed winners be awarded points?
    Product credit points will be awarded to the winners by the end of March 2021.
  11. When will the winners will announced?
    Winners will be announce in December 2021.

  12. Can I book my own accommodation and/or flights?
    Please speak to the travel management team for flight and accommodation options available. If participants choose to arrange their own flights and accommodation outside of doTERRA Australia and the designated Travel Agent, the cost of flights and accommodation covered by doTERRA Australia will be forfeit.
  13. When will the trip take place?
    The Port Douglas Incentive Trip will take place in March 2022.
  14. What if I won a place to attend the trip though COVID restrictions prevent me from attending?
  15. In the event that COVID restrictions prevent any of our winners from travelling to Port Douglas on the dates scheduled, an alternate destination will be offered, with date(s) and location(s) at the discretion of doTERRA AUNZ. Alternative trip options will not be made available to anyone unable to travel to Port Douglas for reasons other than COVID travel restrictions.

  16. What if I earn a spot on the trip but am unable to attend? Will I be able to receive a different award?
  17. Unfortunately not. 2022 Incentive Trip prizes are nontransferable or redeemable fro another prize. Prize winners who do not attend the trip will receive 50% of awarded product points which will be added to their account after the trip date.


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