• Qualification period runs from 16 August 6.00PM NZST 2021 – 1 December 7.59PM NZDT 2021 (16 August 12.00AM MST – 30 November 11.59PM MST)
  • December will not be included during the Qualification period – enrolments and LRP orders placed during this months do not count towards the points achieved
  • Only active Australian and New Zealand Wellness Advocates (WA) are able to participate
  • Participating Wellness Advocates must maintain a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Order of minimum 100PV each month during the Qualification Period
  • New Wellness Advocates who enroll after 16 August 2021 must maintain a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Order of minimum 100PV beginning the month following enrolment
  • To qualify for the 2022 Incentive Trip points are earnt based on new enrollees with enrolment orders and their subsequent Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Order placed in the following months during the qualification period
  • 80% of newly signed enrollees must be Australian or New Zealand Wellness Advocates or Wholesale Customers

Points – Terms of Use

  • A maximum of 14 points are possible for each new enrollee based on their first 4 months of activity
  • Points will be awarded to the current enroller
  • If the original enroller transfers their new enrollee to another individual, points for that enrollee will be lost
  • If a new enrollee returns product/s or terminates their account prior to the end of the qualification period, points for that enrollee will be lost
  • Points can only be earned up to 1 December 7.59PM NZDT 2021 - any Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Orders submitted after qualifications close will not count towards the qualification period
  • A minimum of 80 points must be earned in order to be eligible to attend the 2022 Incentive Trip


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