1. Winners must meet the eligibility criteria in order to attend the event.
  2. Winners will be audited, confirmed and notified by doTERRA Australia and New Zealand Head Office of their attendance.
  3. doTERRA Australia and New Zealand reserves the right to change or alter the criteria at any time.
  4. doTERRA Australia and New Zealand reserves the right to disqualify any contestant that manipulates the rules or does not meet eligibility criteria to attend.
  5. Services provided for hearing impaired or attendees with special needs will be at the discretion of doTERRA Australia and New Zealand.
  6. Loyalty Reward Program (LRP) orders placed by new enrollees from 1 November 2020 will not count towards points earned.
  7. Winners can only win the Grand Prize once in their doTERRA career.
  8. Former Grand Prize winners can qualify for Level 1, 2 and 3 prizes in subsequent years.
  9. Winners are determined by the points achieved. Participants may achieve the minimum number of points but not achieve a prize level depending on the number of participants on a higher level of points.
  10. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. This trip can only be redeemed on the dates as set out by doTERRA Australia and New Zealand.
  11. Winners must register and book flights through the designated Travel Agent/Management Company. Bookings for accommodation arranged alternatively will not be considered part of the Incentive Trip and you will not be able to participate in doTERRA group activities.
  12. Attendees who arrange their own flights and/or accommodation themselves, outside of the designated Travel Agent or doTERRA Australia and New Zealand, will forfeit any monetary contributions covered by doTERRA Australia and New Zealand for that prize level.
  13. Flights included for two persons must depart from and return to the same destination.
  14. Accommodation is provided on a twin share basis and your sharing partner is at the discretion of doTERRA Australia and New Zealand.
  15. Single accommodation can be purchased at an additional cost subject to availability.
  16. Participants travelling with a child/children or infant will be required to pay for an upgrade to single accommodation. You are not able to have a twin share room with children.
  17. Winners must provide their own spending money and are responsible for paying for their own meals and activities when not provided by doTERRA Australia and New Zealand.
  18. Winners must provide their own travel insurance and provide a copy to doTERRA Australia and New Zealand prior to departure.
  19. Winners are responsible for any necessary medical, hospital, dental and repatriation expenses incurred any necessary additional accommodation, meal and travelling expenses incurred after departure in the event that you are required to return to your home in Australia/New Zealand or extend stay due to hospitalisation or any other reason.
  20. Product Points will be awarded after the trip (by the end of June 2021) and are awarded per account, not individual travelers who share an account.
  21. In the event that a Prize Winner is unable to attend the trip, 50% of the product points will be awarded after the trip, however all other parts of the prize will be forfeit.
  22. Participants must have a valid passport with at least six months validity after the final trip date.
  23. All payments must be made immediately to the designated travel agent. Should you not be able to pay with credit card at the time of registration, bank transfer is an option but this must be immediate and remittance must be sent to designated travel agent in order to complete your registration.
  24. Domestic connections or flights quoted for extensions outside of the group fares listed on the website are subject to change and availability and must be paid immediately to guarantee your quoted fare.
  25. Cancellations and refunds are not permitted once registrations are confirmed. In the unlikely event that you can no longer attend and need to cancel your registration, cancellation fees and charges will apply.
  26. Buy In is available for qualified participants to bring immediate family members with them.
  27. If an enrolment order is placed under 100PV, exceptions will not be made with the request of an additional order to make up the 100PV.
  28. LRP orders must be placed as one order of 100PV or more. Multiple LRP orders will not be included to make up the required PV.

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