Grow 2022 Season 1 Mentors

Courtney Dow

Courtney Dow is a low-tox advocate and social creative who knows a successful business doesn't have to look perfect. She embraces all things messy in the balance of business and motherhood and loves to show women that anything is possible.

Through authenticity, relatability & fun, she has grown a thriving online community where she empowers mums to create healthier homes and more abundant lives.

Chayma Jebara (1st Place Diamond Club Winner)

doTERRA Platinum Leader, Chayma Jebara loves sharing her love of essential oils and low-tox living. A former private-school teacher turned lifestyle educator, she now embraces her true passion, teaching and empowering women about the power of essential oils. 

Chayma is a happily-married mother-of-two, who is grateful to be able to continue to educate people and help them take charge of their family’s health and wellbeing. 

Winnie Chen

Winnie is committed to openly sharing her experiences to help someone else overcome their challenges. We are all faced with obstacles that can help us learn and grow, both collectively and as individuals.

Winnie believes in working as team, building her community and looking together towards the same goals. She encourages others not to be disheartened by setting unrealistic targets and to instead just focus on the process and the right next steps along the way.

According to Winnie, it is then that you can discover your unlimited potential.

Kiki Liping Zhao

Kiki Liping Zhao is an Aroma Therapist Coach who has been in the health, wellness and lifestyle business for over 20 years. Through her personal belief and trust in doTERRA products and her commitment to constant learning, she has cultivated a growing and thriving business.

Kiki is inspired to share her knowledge with others to enhance their own lives and dedicates her time to helping as many people as she can. 

Christina Chunjie Dai

Christina works alongside other leaders to adjust their mindset - establishing the correct sharing and business philosophy. Christina is focussed on teaching others to not only feel and enjoy the beauty of essential oils through appropriate usage, but also how to build a successful business by promoting LRP and effectively balancing social media and face-to-face meetings.

She hopes to help more brave participants achieve success in building their doTERRA business.

Cathy and Dave Carlson

Cathy and Dave talk, walk, breathe, and live doTERRA. They buzz about meeting new people, creating momentum and sharing ideas. They love nothing more than having high-energy, enjoyable online sessions. Coaches at heart, Cathy and Dave help build confidence, and belief in others.

They have a passion for helping people establish a positive mental mindset and enjoy developing new ideas that shape a growing doTERRA business.

Cathy and Dave have a wealth of experience in sharing doTERRA and creating deep, meaningful connections with customers. They would love to help you do the same!

Lyn Guerin

Lyn loves inspiring others to be the best possible version of themselves. She believes that everyone has greatness within and when self-belief and action are partnered any goal can be achieved. One of Lyn's favourite sayings is 'excuses or results'. She encourages others to stop believing their own excuses and to expect that things will work out.

Lyn loves group interaction and establishing a fun, caring and uplifting environment. Lyn warns, ‘the GROW program will not leave you where it found you.’

Adheesh Piel & Santoshi Stone

Adheesh and Santoshi feel incredibly grateful to lead a global team of 160,000 oil lovers spread throughout South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the USA. As Presidential Diamonds and Australian Founders they have a wealth of knowledge supporting their teams to grow and be successful through doTERRA.

As certified Gallup Strengths Coaches, they have taught many to reach new heights through their unique coding of strengths and talent. Together, they support and guide up-and-coming team members to unlock their potential as they navigate business.

Helen Duke

Helen Duke is a Diamond Leader, Aroma Touch Technique Trainer and Founder of ‘Heart of Essence’. Helen leads and mentors a global team of thousands. She helps others see their innate strengths and gifts, and is their biggest cheerleader, offering genuine and heartfelt support.

To Helen, the ocean is her second home. She loves yoga, pilates, and long beach walks with her dog Halo. Helen has a huge passion for empowering others and loves sharing the immeasurable joy and freedom that doTERRA has created in her own life.

Helen lives in the Southwest of WA and is a mother of two, now-grown children and a doting grandma to one.

John Overbeek

Blue Diamond Leaders John and Paula Overbeek from Melbourne share an inspirational story of diversity and perseverance. Mother-of-two Paula is a woman of strength, determination, loyalty, and love and John - a steady, reliable man of principles and ethics, worked for many years in the Victorian Police Force before launching a career in finance.

Their guiding philosophy has remained simple and consistent throughout the years, ‘share and teach’.

Paul Ovens

Paul Ovens and Vanessa Jean combine to create a powerful force as leaders in network marketing with a business spanning 43 countries. They share a vision that has earned global respect through simple professionalism, integrity and love. Together, they have redefined ‘Network Marketing’ bringing people together in an authentic way for ‘Connection Marketing’.

Their success has been driven by a strong focus on creating community connection through heart-based leadership. Paul and Vanessa share a passion for freeing people from the confines of everyday life and helping them return to love as sovereign, empowered beings.

Dr. Martha Nessler

Dr Martha Nessler is a Chiropractor, Speaker, Entrepreneur Strategy Coach, Blue Diamond Leader and New Zealand Founder. Her purpose is igniting passion in others so they can ascend in business, health and love. Dr. Martha’s passion for serving her patients’ physical, emotional and mental health drove her success in becoming one of the top female chiropractors in the USA.

After discovering essential oils, Dr. Martha knew she could add an entirely new dimension to helping others achieve their wellness goals. She now continues to take her personal and professional experience, knowledge and success and share it with others.

Her mission – ‘to help as many people as possible live the life of their dreams’.

Carla Fahey

Carla gets out the pom-poms for all things high-vibing and low-tox. She is passionate about empowering others to take control of their health and wellness and become the healer in their homes. As an Alignment Coach and Intuitive Guide, Carla loves to incorporate oils into coaching and healings.

Carla is a mum-of-three, known to often spike the diffuser with extra drops of Vetiver. She ranks travelling to Guatemala on a Co-Impact Sourcing Trip among her career highlights, returning with a deeper appreciation for the global impact these oils make to individuals and communities.


Kylie Witherden

Kylie is a mother of three boys and a girl. She lives on ten acres near the Murray river with her husband Matt and the four children. Kylie is a Gut Health Nutritionist and Online  Business Coach.

Leading a team in the direct sales industry for 16 years, she has been a doTERRA Leader nearly four.

Kylie’s favourite oil is Frankincense. ‘I love how grounding he is and how I can use him for pretty much everything. My go to.’

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