Free Oils for your customers!

New customers in your downline who open an account with an enrolment order of 100PV will receive free doTERRA product. 
*To receive the free oils, the enrolment must be processed using a special link that will be provided to Discover participants

Your Monthly Goals

Your challenge is to personally enrol 3 new customers* each month.  Achieving this will unlock your monthly bonuses! If you personally enrol 6 or more new customers* in any month of the program, we will credit your account with 50 product points.
*With a 100PV enrolment order, processed using your Discover portal.

‘Double your Fast Start’ Bonus

When you achieve your Monthly Goal you will unlock the Double Fast Start bonus!  

This means that on the 15th of the month following your achievement, you will receive a bonus that is equal to the entire amount of Fast Start you received in the previous month (up to $500AU).  In other words, if you achieve your Discover goals in September, your Double Fast Start bonus will be paid with the Primary commission run on 15th October. 

Graduation Bonus and Prizes

To Graduate from Discover, you will need to achieve your enrolment goals each month.

As a thank you for sharing your passion and empowering others with our beautiful oils, you will 

  • Receive a $500AU Discover graduation bonus
  • Have your Double Fast Start bonus extended for an additional 2 months!  That means you will receive Double Fast Start bonuses for December and January. 

Our top 20 enrolers for the program will receive a Mystery Swag Pack. The contents of this pack are a surprise, but we can reveal that it will contain a 5ml Rose . 


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