Leadership Retreat
6–7 October 2023

The no.1 event to have fun as you excel and forge a future for your doTERRA business.

Unlike any other leader-focused gathering, this event promises strategic direction that creates change, no matter whether you're aiming for one milestone or many different goals. Prepare for powerful networking and relationship-building opportunities and be ready to hear from inspirational speakers.

Over two days, we'll cover the habits of success and key business areas and be there for one another like the bright, nurturing and driven individuals we are in our hearts.

Becoming the Leader you dream of will always evolve, which is a big part of the rewarding process. Each day of the event will challenge you to refine and strategise. Think outward all the while and commit to the journey until you take away the inspiration from this event that is waiting for you to harness it and set your plans in motion.

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Become the Leader You Aspire to Be in Berlin!

Since Leadership Retreat 2023 is set to be one of our most memorable events, we've chosen one of Europe's greatest cities to host this experience. Germany's capital is the heart and soul of the country, an enduring landmark of significant change, resilience, and history. As Leaders, your own history shapes the choices you make and who you are. Let the spirit of Berlin guide you at this event to become the Leader you aspire to be.


How to Qualify

Those who wish to attend must achieve the rank of Silver or above at least once within the qualification period stated.

Qualification Period

January – August 2023


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