Leadership Retreat 2023

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We all have a story to share, and this event will bring together individuals from across doTERRA Europe, combining essential business advice, key tips, personal tales of adversity and more.

Wellness Advocate Speakers

Tried and tested methods for growth, inspirational stories of triumph and an array of personal experiences... Here are the Wellness Advocates sharing their stories and how their vision could help you succeed.

Marie-Kim Provencher

Marie-Kim Provencher

Double Presidential Diamond | Canada Founder

Marie-Kim is a mother of five whose everyday centres around love and making a difference. Her family inspires her to be a Leader committed to serving the most amount of people and helping them fulfil their potential. Her team is 90% French-speaking, but she also builds her network in English and Spanish. As a Leader, she demonstrates connectivity, positivity, learning, achievement, and strategy in all she does. Now, she is now more devoted than ever to helping people with their businesses in a conscious, strong and lasting manner.

Melody Gyenis-Angyal

Melody Gyenis-Angyal

Presidential Diamond | Hungary Founder

Presidential Diamond, Hungary Founder and former corporate CEO, Melody, pivoted her career path three years ago to join her husband Andras at doTERRA. With a rich background in leadership and strategy, she creates systems and tools to help others propel their business. Her core purpose and passion is developing exceptional leaders. With guidance, empathy and a hands-on approach at home and at work, Melody always encourages people to face difficult decisions head-on. Despite having travelled the world, her husband and family are the ones who she calls home. Together, Melody and Andras form a nurturing, strong team, united in their goal of raising their boys to be wise and resilient. Her motto is, ‘Whatever you do, do it with excellence!’.

James & Roxane Bybee

James Bybee

Presidential Diamonds | US Founders

James & Roxane Bybee, doTERRA Presidential Diamonds and US Founders, are passionate about empowering others to find joy in life through bringing wellness and hope to everyone they touch with dōTERRA essential oils. As parents to five active boys, they enjoy living life to the fullest and helping everyone around them find their unlimited potential. They are on a mission to connect with others and change lives for the better all over the world. They are super excited to be tripling doTERRA’s influence globally as Impact Advocates!

Feli Popescu

Feli Popescu

Presidential Diamond

Change your story... Feli, author of ‘Essential Biology – Aromatherapy Guide according to the Five Biological Laws of Nature’, is a holistic Wellness Advocate to the core. She and her husband Bogdan discovered the true power of nature's solutions to achieve balance and harmony following their son's birth in 2008. Prior to her doTERRA journey in 2018, Feli's passion for medical journalism shone through her blog. She wrote numerous articles and social media posts helping parents make informed decisions about their children's wellness. Feli achieved Presidential Diamond in March 2023. Since joining doTERRA, she has found peace of mind, emotional healing and feels happier and more fulfilled than ever!

Hannah Friedrich

Hannah Friedrich

Blue Diamond | Germany Founder

Hannah Friedrich is a Blue Diamond and Germany Founder. With her passion for sales and people, and a background of over 20 years in sales and marketing for international luxury brands, she has served thousands of clients by building sustainable and authentic connections. As an entrepreneur and sales mentor, she is a pioneer for transformation and a new way of social selling. She believes in the power of women taking charge of their own destiny while becoming free, creating financial opportunity, and living a healthy and fulfilling life and business.

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