Leadership Retreat 2023

Discover, Ask, Learn...

This year's event will give you the opportunity to find the answers you need to grow! Catch business-wide updates, dive deep into how our products support wellbeing, hear the latest company news and more.


Scientific and Medical Education Committee (SMEC) Talks

Pre-Booking Required!

leadership retreat qualifications

Please note spaces are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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New to Leadership Retreat 2023! Product knowledge is a great tool, so we're delighted to be joined at this year's event by Dr Brannick Riggs and the members of our Scientific and Medical Education Committee (SMEC)! These relaxed sessions are dedicated to answering your questions, and giving you product and routine recommendations for a lifetime of wellness. It's the perfect way to begin your Leadership Retreat experience if you arrive early before general session begins!

To attend one of these exclusive Q&A sessions, you need to book your place, but act fast, because spaces are limited! You can also submit a question that you'd love our experts to answer using the same link...

Begin exploring from 10am on the first day of the event!

Discovery Area

This event is the perfect opportunity to enhance your love for doTERRA. Explore and experience some of the latest products to doTERRA Europe, have an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming must-haves that haven't yet launched, and feel more motivated than ever to spread our message of positive change.


It’s time to talk...
Have you ever admired one of our Leaders and thought of something you'd love to ask them? Are there certain topics you'd love to discuss with the corporate team? Visit the expō area where you’ll have the opportunity to have these conversations in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Click the link below to see some of the individuals there to greet you:
Corporate Guests

leadership retreat qualifications

Leadership Services & Diamond Club

Would you like more information on Diamond Club? Do you have a question for an Account Manager? Or would you like to know more about how we recognise you? Come and speak to our Leadership Services team about anything related to Account Management, Diamond Club or Recognition!


Digital Marketing 

Come explore the digital tools that doTERRA Europe provides to support you in your online activities. Find out about our Europe Training courses, our Digital Marketing kit, doTERRA Social platform and ask questions or share thoughts and feedback.


A dedicated area to help you learn more about the revolutionary doTERRA MetaPWR System! Come and tell us your MetaPWR stories or ask us your MetaPWR questions!

Product Innovation 

Do you have an idea for a new product? Tell us all about it and why you think it's something doTERRA should offer...

Product Sampling

With product sampling, you can get hands on with products, oils and blends, have a sneak peek at upcoming releases, and feel closer to the heart of our legacy.

dōTERRA Healing Hands™ & Kenya Appeal

Find out more about current doTERRA Healing Hands initiatives, including our wonderful Kenya Landless Project, and see how you're making a difference in the lives of others around the world.

Kenya Landless Project

Lights, Camera, Action...

Video Booth

What do you want your doTERRA business to look like? Have you shared this with others? Declare it to the world! Now is the time to stand in front of the camera and share your goals with everyone...

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