Focus & Protect Autumn 2022

Our routines are rooted into our mindsets. They represent wellness choices that are personal to you and shape your identity. When daily life becomes chaotic, returning to routines brings a sense of stability and control. At a Focus & Protect Autumn 2022 event, you'll learn how to create routines appropriate for the season and love that essential oils have a place in your every day habits.

Opening one bottle of essential oil can lead to a world of change and empowerment. Each of us has the opportunity to create and live the life we desire and these events are an incredible way to get started. With nature's solutions at your fingertips, you can envision a life where you can care for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Begin your own wellness journey by finding an online or in-person event to get started.

Prize Draw

When you register for a live or online event on Eventbrite*, you are eligible to be entered into a Prize Draw to win doTERRA products! The Prize Draw is exclusive to those who attend an event, whether in-person or online, and the winner will be announced live. Remember, there is only one entry per participant. This entry may not be transferred or exchanged and no cash value is assigned.

*Only those who register before the given deadline will be entered into the Prize Draw. Entry deadlines and registration end times are detailed on each registration page. You must attend the event, whether in-person or online, in order to be eligible for the Prize Draw.

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