Focus & Protect Autumn 2022

Our routines are rooted into our mindsets. They represent wellness choices that are personal to you and shape your identity. When daily life becomes chaotic, returning to routines brings a sense of stability and control. At a Focus & Protect Autumn 2022 event, you'll learn how to create routines appropriate for the season and love that essential oils have a place in your every day habits.

Opening one bottle of essential oil can lead to a world of change and empowerment. Each of us has the opportunity to create and live the life we desire and these events are an incredible way to get started. With nature's solutions at your fingertips, you can envision a life where you can care for your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Begin your own wellness journey by finding an online or in-person event to get started.

Why You Can't Miss Focus & Protect Autumn 2022

If you're new to these event experiences, you'll learn what it means to live a life of wellness and appreciate what doTERRA products can do for you and your family. Find out for yourself by speaking with any of our Wellness Advocates at the event. All it takes is one conversation and a special, personal experience with essential oils to understand why so many of our long-serving members return year after year. 

Calling all doTERRA Wellness Advocates! These events can inspire fresh ideas for your business practices, enrich your network and help you to realign with doTERRA's upcoming promotions and plans. Maybe you feel like you're loosing your focus, or you want to recalibrate your goals, no matter your aims, these events are here to steer you in the right direction.

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Focus – Sometimes life moves so fast that we lose sight of what's important in the process. How do you centre yourself during busy moments? Do you want to know how to focus on what lies ahead? Is your mindset in the right place? Let's find the answers together. 

Protect – A change of season also brings changes to healthy habits. Like nature, we adapt to meet our surroundings and take charge of seasonal discomforts. On Guard™ is a must, and so are supplements, but what about essential oils you've never tried before? How can you use them to support and protect your wellness needs? 

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