dōTERRA Europe Gala

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Gala is a yearly recognition event celebrating the achievements of Diamond and above Leaders. If you reached multiple new ranks during the qualification period, you will walk the stage at Gala for the highest rank achieved.

Qualification Criteria

To walk at Gala, you must achieve a new rank of Diamond or above from April 2023 - March 2024. If you qualify, the Europe Recognition Team will contact you close to the event. To walk onstage to receive a Diamond Club Trophy, you must have won a Diamond Club season in either Spring or Autumn 2023.


Details for Gala will be released closer to the time of the event.

Transferring Qualification

If you are unable to attend Convention or do not wish to walk the stage in the year you rank advanced, you will be offered the opportunity to walk the stage the following year. You can transfer your place twice. If you do not walk after three annual Conventions, we will remove you from our transfer list.

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