dōTERRA Europe Gala

Gala is a recognition event to celebrate the achievements of our Diamonds and above within the last year. It is an atmospheric, energetic celebration to congratulate our top Leaders. If you have reached multiple new ranks during the qualification period, you will walk the stage at Gala for the highest rank achieved.

Qualification Criteria

To walk at Gala, you must achieve a new rank of Diamond or above from May 2022 - March 2023. If you have qualified, the Europe Recognition Team will contact you near the time of the event to discuss what information we need from you. To walk onstage to receive a Diamond Club Trophy, you must have won a Diamond Club season in either Spring or Autumn 2022.


Gala is held on the day before Convention begins. 

If you have qualified to receive a trophy but are unable to attend the event, please provide your full name, shipping address and ID Number to eurecognition@doterra.com to have any trophies delivered to your home address   

Please note when requesting to have your trophy shipped, you will forfeit your chance to walk on stage. 


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