Welcome to India’s Silver Club! This program is designed for anyone in India that has reached the rank of Elite or above. This will teach you the most important habits that will serve as the foundation of your business and build momentum as you launch yourself to new ranks! The Silver Club Program is an opportunity for Wellness Advocates to grow their business and achieve silver rank. It was created to help you strengthen your existing team and establish new leaders and teams, as well as increase your organizational volume and monthly bonus. Silver Club will change your business and change your life! This program reinforces the most important habits that will serve as your foundation to build new ranks, develop new leaders and grow your income!

Key Benefits for You:

  • Enhance key leadership skills to attain & maintain higher ranks
  • Grow toward FOUNDER
  • Receive enhanced support from staff and your leader mentor
  • Access prizes and incentives, including an exclusive sourcing trip!

Key Benefits for Your Team:

  • Energize your team to help more people
  • Receive free product for new registrations
  • Help your team grow with product education and good business practices
  • Higher earnings for all

How You Qualify:

  • Achieve Elite or Premier in India in April 2023
  • Register 2 new members with 100+ PV orders in April 2023
  • Achieve at least first level (3000 INR) Power of 3 in April 2023
  • Find an upline mentor, who will check in with you at least once a week during the club.


Silvers and Golds may also participate and can attend the sourcing trip upon graduation but are not eligible for top prizes. Participating members must reside in India but can be international builders if they meet all other criteria.

Graduation Requirements During the Club (June – August)

  • Each Month:
  • 2+ personal registrations with orders of 100PV or more​
    5+ team registrations with orders of 100PV or more ​(Team = You & Your frontline builders)​
    Maintain 1st level Power of 3 each month ​
  • Each Week:
  • Hold at least 1 oil class per week.
    The class can either be in person or online.​
    You need to update the information of this class with pictures on the "Silver Club class" google form shared by us within 3 business days.​

April – Qualification Month

  • Achieve Elite or Premier in India
  • Register 2 new members with 100+ PV orders
  • Achieve at least first level (3000 INR) Power of 3
  • Find an upline mentor, who will check in with you at least once a week during the club.

May – Application & Preparation month

  • Apply to participate at Silverclub.doterra.com
  • Select mentoring sponsor & have them confirm support and attend mentor meeting.
  • Applications will be available on the Silver Club site until the end of May 2023.


To prepare successful classes in Silver Club, you will need to be working with your upline and downline teams prior to the program starting. Planning, inviting, and following up (all part of Empowered Success) are the secrets to getting people to attend your classes and meeting the registration requirements. Here are the activities you will need to complete in the preparation month to be able to have a successful graduation at the end of Silver Club:

  • Prepare and plan your events month-by-month (set the dates of your classes and then work with your leaders to fill your schedule on those days).
  • Prepare your teams for scheduled classes in their areas each week. Classes can be held at home, one-on-ones, online, etc. The important thing is that you’re having meetings and getting in the habit of teaching and educating about the products.
  • Prepare your household – set up childcare, get your family onboard.
  • If you have any questions about the Program, please contact the Silver Club Support Team via india@doterra.com.
  • *“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” -Benjamin Franklin *


Qualified Classes:

  • Classes/events can be held in-area or off-area, at home, individually, in groups, online, etc.
  • Register the event and the list of participants as soon as possible.

Qualified Registrations:

For new registrations to qualify, the following requirements need to be met:

  • Registration order must be at least 100 PV
  • New registrations must be processed within three business days of the completed class in the Silver Club portal
  • The Silver Club participant must personally present, or participate in the presentation, where the new customer is registered. This will ensure you’re teaching your team good habits on how to hold classes and close sales. To register your new members, each club participant will get a code to enter into a portal for their new downlines to receive exclusive products.

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