Q: How do I qualify for the free Frankincense 15ml?
A: Place an order of 200 PV or more in a single invoice during December 2023 and get Frankincense 15ml free, while supplies last.

Q: How many times can I qualify for the 200 PV promo?
A:  You can qualify for the 200 PV promo up to 4 times, if each set of 200 PV is from separate invoices.

Q: Can I earn two Frankincense 15ml for free, if my order is 400 PV?
A: No, you may only qualify for this promo multiple times if you place multiple 200 PV invoices. A maximum of four 200 PV invoices will qualify per account.

Q: Can I place multiple orders to qualify?
A: No, your 200 PV must be from one invoice order. 

For further assistance, please contact Member Services at india@doterra.com or call 022-4165 5655

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