Cleaning Kit  Lemon 15 ml & Purify 15 ml

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Whether or not you like to clean, it is much easier to keep a clean house when you have useful and effective cleaning agents. While you may be used to the fact that people use essential oils for health and wellness, you may not realize that essential oils can also be extremely useful for cleaning. With natural cleansing properties, essential oils provide a simple yet powerful way to keep things clean.
Try to use both Lemon and Purify as a cleaning agent, and you’ll be surprised how cleaning can be such an easy task!

Purify is a doTERRA essential oil blend composed of select essential oils known for their cleansing, purifying, and protecting properties. This special blend is a household must-have as it can eliminate odors in a natural way, free of harmful chemicals. It can also be used as a cleaner for countertops and various surfaces. When used throughout the home, its light, herbal aroma will quickly dissipate potent and foul odors and help cleanse the air. Purify also contains protecting properties that can protect against environmental threats. This essential oil blend is an ideal natural product that will add to any cleaning cabinet.

As one of doTERRA’s top selling oils, Lemon essential oil has a variety of uses and benefits. With a clean, fresh, citrus aroma, Lemon is known for its purifying properties. Often used in cleaning products and air purifiers, this essential oil has distinct cleansing and deodorizing characteristics that make it a popular choice for cleaning surfaces and purifying the air.
When you use essential oils for cleaning, enjoy the pleasant aroma they produce - a fragrance that can stay for several hours. Using essential oils with encouraging, refreshing, and invigorating features will make your home feel especially clean.
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