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How to Get Immortelle for Free

When you place any 200+ PV order in June, you’ll receive a 10 mL bottle of Immortelle for free. 

Turn Back Time

Who doesn’t want skin that appears immortal? Skin that’s smooth and nourished, radiating youth? Immortelle is a blend of essential oilsthat are known for their powerful skin-beautifying properties.

It’s appropriate that a blend formulated to reduce the signs of the appearance of aging be a combination of some of the most ageless essential oils out there—Frankincense, Rose, Myrrh, Helichrysum, Lavender, and Sandalwood. These are oils that have stood the test of time.

What Is Immortelle Oil Used For? 

Immortelle is used for the skin. It reduces the signs of the appearance of aging, helping the skin look healthy and youthful. The floral and wood oils of Immortelle are incredibly nourishing. They promote smoother, radiant, and youthful-looking skin.

Packaged in a convenient roller bottle, Immortelle is easy to use. In the evening after washing your face (but before applying your moisturizer), roll Immortelle on your face, neck, and décolletage to allow the oils to soak into your skin all night long. 

Immortelle is for more than just your face. It can benefit any area of the skin. If you’re trying to support targeted areas, apply Immortelle to those specific spots two to three times a day.

You can also use Immortelle on your nails. Try rolling the blend onto your nail beds in the evening before going to sleep at night!

FAQ: Immortelle 200 PV Promotion

How long will this promotion last? 

  • This promotion will last from June 1–30, 2020. 

How many times can I qualify for this promotion?

  • You can take advantage of this promotion up to four times. 

Does my order have to be on my LRP to qualify? 

  • No. Any single 200 PV order will qualify (enrollment, one-time, LRP, and so on). 

What’s the difference between price and PV?

  • Personal Volume (PV) isn’t the same as the dollar amount of the order. Though for some products the PV and dollar amount match, this doesn’t mean that PV equates to the dollar amount of the products. Please review your PV amount shown in your cart before processing your order. 

What markets are participating in this promotion?

  • The US, Canada, and all participating NFR markets. To see if your market is participating, please contact Member Services in your market at (800) 411-8151. 

Can I email in my order? 

  • No. If you have problems trying to process your order, please call Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

How do I know if my order has been placed and processed?

  • An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address listed on your doTERRA account. 

I am a retail customer. Can I participate in this promotion? 

  • Yes! All members can participate in this promotion. 

My credit card is being declined. What should I do? 

  • If your credit card is being declined, make sure that you have entered the correct billing address and security code. If the problem persists, please contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

The promotional items aren’t showing up on my order. What should I do? 

  • Verify that your cart has met the 200 PV requirement. If they still don’t show up, please contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151. 

Can I pick up my order at the Product Center in Pleasant Grove, Utah? How do I do so? 

  • No. The Product Center is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

My order is under 200 PV. Can I still participate? 

  • To qualify for this promotion, your order must be at least 200 PV. If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151. 

Rules and Terms:

  • All orders must be placed and processed by June 30 at 11:59 p.m. MT to receive the free product. 
  • Orders placed after the qualifying period (June 1–30, 2020) won’t receive the free product.
  • Single orders must be at least 200 PV to receive the free product. 
  • PV is not equal to the cost of an order. Before placing an order, please verify that your order contains at least 200 PV. 
  • Any orders or items returned that result in orders falling below the 200 PV requirement will have to return the free products. 

If you feel you have qualified for the promotion and didn’t receive the product, please contact Member Services at (800) 411-8151.

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