Kickstart Your Wellness

Start off strong this year! The Kickstart Your Wellness promotion makes it easy to get started with doTERRA so you can live a wellness lifestyle. Follow the simple steps below to get the products you want and earn points to redeem for free products

Step 1

Enroll with a 100 PV order in January. For customers starting out with doTERRA, the best way to get going is with an enrollment collection. Here are a few collection suggestions that will make it easy to reach 100 PV while kickstarting your wellness goals:

Simple Solutions
Total: 74 PV

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The Simple Solutions collection is a great way to dip your toes in the doTERRA product pool. This collection of doTERRA best sellers covers all the basic wellness needs, making it an excellent base for a “build your own” enrollment collection! Work with your Wellness Advocate to identify your family’s specific needs and add the products to address those needs to this enrollment kit. All you need is an additional 26 PV to hit a 100 PV enrollment! Try adding doTERRA favorites like Copaiba (37 PV), AromaTouch® (30 PV), or ZenGest® (35 PV).

Healthy Start
Total: 116.50 PV

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The Healthy Start collection is the perfect grouping of products to help kickstart your wellness. With ten 5 mL best-selling essential oils and blends, it includes all of the basic necessities for your new wellness lifestyle. Plus, it contains a beautiful Brevi diffuser, perfect for diffusing by your bedside or in the office. At 116.5 PV, this collection will qualify you for the Kickstart Your Wellness promotion as-is.

Home Essentials
Total: 234 PV

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The Home Essentials collection is a tried-and-true doTERRA favorite. Similar to the Healthy Start collection, Home Essentials contains the same ten best-selling essential oils and blends, but in 15 mL versions instead of 5 mL. It also includes the stunning Petal 2.0 diffuser, perfect for diffusing in the kitchen or general living areas.

Step 2

Sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program and place a 100 PV Loyalty Order for February. You can order any products you want, as long as they add up to 100 PV. Not sure what products you want? Try one of the hand-picked product bundles below!


Help create a restful environment in your home with these instant-favorites:

Total: 106.50 PV


Give your muscles the treatment they deserve with these recovery products:

Total: 103 PV

Skin Care

Care for your complexion the natural way with this grouping of plant-based beautifying products:

Total: 106 PV

Clean Home

Take care of your family and home with these naturally sourced essential oils and cleaning products:

Total: 101.5 PV

PRO TIP: While you only need to place a 100 PV Loyalty Order in February to qualify for the Kickstart Your Wellness promotion, placing a 125 PV Loyalty Order before February 15 will also qualify you to receive the FREE Product of the Month!

Step 3

Enjoy 100 free product points! You can use these points on future orders to redeem for free products. You can replenish your favorites, or try something new!

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