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dōTERRA’s Partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian Brings Drying Facility to Guatemala

Sustainable incomes and decreased health issues and viruses are the results of the Cardamom drying facility in Guatemala. 

This year, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian to provide a new drying facility for Cardamom plants in Sika’abe, Guatemala. This drying facility will make it so that native Cardamom growers will not have to travel so far to dry their product, which is crucial due to Cardamom’s three-day shelf life. CHOICE is also helping agricultural productivity in Sika’abe by providing training on improved agricultural practices for growers in that region. Both CHOICE and doTERRA’s donations and efforts to build the drying facility and educate local growers are contributing to an even larger service organism—Co-Impact Sourcing.

Co-Impact Sourcing is the process doTERRA uses to not only ensure quality essential oils from around the world but to give jobs to many local artisans. The jobs that Co-Impact Sourcing supplies for the locals help to decrease poverty and increase a healthier population of people.

Currently, over half of Guatemala’s population is living in poverty, and the country holds one of the world’s highest malnutrition rates for children.1 The lack of nutrition can lead to weakened immune systems and an increased risk of infection and viruses. Some of the most common viruses in Guatemala include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and rabies.2 Through the jobs that Co-Impact Sourcing provides, it is helping the native growers obtain a sustainable income and afford more essential needs like proper food and healthcare, which can help keep these viruses, infections, and additional health problems at bay.

The project in Sika’abe, Guatemala is one of many life-changing CHOICE Humanitarian projects around the world. The organization’s main purpose is to end poverty by seeking out villages in need and connecting them with the right resources to overcome problems and facilitate a positive change in their communities. With partnerships, donations, and volunteers, CHOICE has answered the calls of impoverished people worldwide, just as they have in Guatemala.

To learn more about CHOICE Humanitarian or how to donate, visit their website.


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