Cō-Impact Sourcing®

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Our commitment to quality not only involves producing the highest-quality essential oils, but also sourcing our products in the highest-quality way—through ethical practices that empower communities and environments to thrive. This effort, called Co-Impact Sourcing, isn’t just a business initiative. It’s who we are!

There are two primary focuses in every Co-Impact Sourcing region:

  1. Growing conditions and the biological complexity of the essential oil plant species
  2. Well-being of farmers, distillers, and local communities

While we benefit from the knowledge and skill of these growers and the beautiful chemical constituency of each essential oil plant species, we enter every region determined to benefit-back by improving or creating an economy of independence. To do this, Co-Impact Sourcing focuses on creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our growers founded on fair, on time payments. From there, we provide further education and resources (including farming, distilling, and training equipment) for the empowerment of local communities. In this way, the need for essential oils is filled while these developing communities receive the support needed to alleviate poverty, establish jobs, and create economic independence. See a detailed outline of our seven sourcing principles by clicking here.

In tandem with Co-Impact Sourcing, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ provides additional support to the surrounding communities through thoughtful, impactful, and sustainable projects. From micro-loan programs and anti-human trafficking initiatives to health care and disaster relief, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation empowers communities around the world to make a positive, sustainable change. Click here to learn more about the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Our mission to change the world one drop, one life, and one community at a time is becoming a reality through Co-Impact Sourcing. Of the 40 countries from which we source our essential oils, 23 of those are considered developing countries that benefit from Co-Impact Sourcing. Through each purchase, you are changing more than just your life—you are changing lives across the world. For a visual overview of the countries currently benefitting from this program, click here.

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