"When you are in Diamond Club, people want to know what you’re doing and who you are. You carry the Diamond Club sparkle and aura of excitement" Cathy & Dave Carlson – First Place, Diamond Club 2019.

Close your eyes and take a minute to remember. Place a drop of your favourite oil in your palm and breathe deeply. Think back to when you first experienced doTERRA’s essential oils; the way they made you think, the way they made you feel. Chances are, that if you are reading this, you have had a profound experience doTERRA’s essential oils, and you are passionate about joining us on our mission of changing the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. 

The decision to join Diamond Club and commit four months to focus on this mission can sound a little daunting. So let us count the ways that Diamond Club contributes to sharing your passion, building your business and transforming your life. 

7. Work hard, celebrate hard – whether it’s making it through your first month, hitting that next rank, meeting your Diamond Club monthly goal or making a difference in the life of one person – your fellow Diamond Clubbers understand the challenges you face and will be there to cheer you on. 
8. Explore your own backyard – spread your wings – or tyres – and travel, travel, travel! Drink in the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand, all while empowering others, sharing your passion, and feeding your dreams.
9. Pave the way – looking to change someone else’s life? Inspiring someone to invest in their first oil or empowering your oily tribe to share their passion and experiences, you can’t help but make a difference.  
10. Reap the rewards! And if you are someone who is motivated by a tangible reward, there are wonderful prizes on offer! Our sourcing partners will share their passion for nurturing their crops and imagine the learning you will gain from seeing how the harvesting and distillation process works! There are prizes galore – ranging from exclusive swag to business tools.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

If you have any further questions, email diamondclubaunz@doterra.com or call Melinda on 03 8540 3145. 


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