Diamond Club Qualifications

To ensure that all Diamond Club participants are set up to be successful, the following requirements must be met in order to qualify to participate in Diamond Club:

  • Have at least one Diamond Club sponsor (sponsors will pay 50% of the participant’s qualified travel reimbursements); a maximum of three DC sponsors are allowed.
  • Qualify as a Premier or higher in qualification month (December)
  • Personally enrol three new Wellness Advocates and/or Wholesale Customers (100 PV initial orders) during the qualification month (December) 
  • Have a total of 10 Wellness Advocates that process an LRP order of (100+ PV) on or before the last day of the qualification month. These 10 WA’s must be within the Diamond Club Applicant’s personal organisation and cannot be used by other Diamond Club Applicants to qualify for Diamond Club

Of the 10 Wellness Advocates with a LRP order of 100+ PV:

Five must be within your local area (within 100 km of your home)

Five must be from one out-of-area location (at least 100 km away from your home). For example, if Perth, WA is your out-of-area location, you would need to have 5 Wellness Advocates in the Perth, WA area that have a 100PV LRP order.

Please click here for more information on Diamond Club Qualifications.

If you have any questions about the Program Schedule, please contact the Diamond Club Management team at diamondclubau@doterra.com.

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