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"Look up, my friends! There is much we can do! Be the hope someone needs today in your smile, in your service, in your connections." Emily Wright, Founding Executive, Global Leadership Development

From 12th – 18th October, doTERRA AUNZ launched our first ever Pursue Connection Week.Thank you for joining us and making a commitment to connect and share so we were able to make a difference in our community! 

We are excited to let you know that together, we committed to 13,564 Acts of Connection during Pursue Connection Week – that is an amazing effort! 

But... the Connection doesn't end here. We encourage you to continue to connect with your loved ones, with strangers and with your community through the many meaningful Acts of Connection you initiated throughout Pursue Connection Week.To help you achieve that goal, the Special Discount on our 4 Emotional Aromatherapy oils will remain until 2nd November, 2020.

doTERRA Passion 5mL | 60215803 | $30.23AUD 19PV SAVE $34.52
doTERRA Peace 5mL | 60215820 | $26.23AUD 16PV SAVE $17.42
doTERRA Motivate 5mL | 60215802 | $20.23AUD 13PV SAVE $17.27
doTERRA Cheer 5mL | 60215804 | $24.23AUD 16PV SAVE $19.02

Or you can purchase our Create Connections Kit-

Create Connections Kit | $99AUD 64PV SAVE $90.15

The Create Connections Kit comes with a set of 5 printed cards that you can use for gifting the oils which details information on how to use the oil.


Head to #pursueandconnect to see the amazing work our community achieved this week


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