Jessie Reimers

Double Diamond, AU Presidential Founder

Jessie Reimers is a 28 year old national and international speaker, writer, blogger, doTERRA Australian Founder and Double Diamond, leader and disruptor. As a young woman with Aspergers, mum, and someone that came from poor health and poverty, she has had many different challenges and obstacles to face.

Jessie thrives on educating and empowering people to smash through their fear and anxiety and draw on their inner strength and courage to create the life of their dreams. She loves breathing belief into people and bringing hope wherever she goes.

Paul Ovens

Double Diamond, AU Presidential Founder

Paul’s professional background is in the field of direct sales, personal development, and business coaching. Over the last two decades, Paul has been a successful sales and marketing manager in two multinational organisations, taking his teams to the top of their field. Living with the philosophy of value given for value received has seen his passion of helping others first to see, and then to be the very best they can, realised in simple ways every day.

Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens

Double Diamond, AU Presidential Founder

Vanessa Jean has spent the past 20 years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, as a public speaker, retreat facilitator, sound healer, meditation leader and raw/wholefood cooking teacher with a personal dream as a guiding force.                                                                                                                 

Her dream is bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy.

Alice Nicholls

Presidential Diamond

Alice wears many hats, a Mum, a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Life Transformation Coach and Presidential Diamond. Alice is a highly motivated person, when Alice started sharing, she already had an online health business; within a short period of time she was working her doTERRA business full time. She believes in offering really simple wellness advice. Alice specialises in supporting women to connect their emotional and physical health so they can live a fulfilled life. 

Alice Abba

Presidential Diamond

Alice is a happiness and business mentor and wellness guide. She, along with her team “The Happy Collective” built to Presidential Diamond. She is known for living an aligned life, and being authentic in her mum life and her business life. Alice’s family has always been the core of her motivation.

She and her partner Tristan are working towards building a life that will allow them the greatest amount of freedom and fulfilment. Alice says, “My Why is our family vision that we’ve crafted together and how we want to spend our days.”

Mikalena Knight

Presidential Diamond

Mikalena is a passionate and devoted author, mentor and teacher with an ever-expanding range of experiences. Offering to the women of this world who are yearning to rise into their human potential, who are being called into transformation through all levels of their being and are ready to rise into their power and potential.

Mikalena follows the callings of her soul and that has led her through education in holistic health, to growing a wildly successful business in network marketing with doTERRA essential oils, and a deep open-hearted dive into her spiritual path which has led to profound personal transformations.

Jazze Jervis

Blue Diamond

Jazze Jervis is the Founder and Chief Mum-boss at The Calm Compound, and a Blue Diamond Leader. She is a woman with zero excuses, high motivation and drive. A leader who continually leads by example and is her team’s biggest cheerleader.  Her aim is to help others, particularly mamas, to keep their family as happy and healthy as possible.  

Jonathan Mozingo

Blue Diamond

Two years ago, Jonathan made a big change – from unsure partner to ‘all in’ with doTERRA. Side-by-side with his partner and their committed leadership team they achieved the rank of Blue Diamond in October 2018. After honing in on his gifts and realising his full potential to be of service to his team there was no looking back. Jonathan brings over a decade of experience from the luxury sales industry and managing high performance teams.

Now in doTERRA, Jonathan uses his experience to share the benefits of essential oils with new customers and supporting his growing team to do the same. Since leaving his employment two years ago, Jonathan is passionate about seeing everyone who chooses ‘all-in’ to succeed and help them find and achieve their dreams and goals. 

Geraldine Moeder


Geraldine Moeder is a Platinum Leader building a team in the Australia and the South Pacific region, specifically her “Home”, Papua New Guinea. She didn’t start with a specific WHY - she just knew our precious oils needed to be shared and has been connecting her dots, one bliss at a time. The oils called her back to Papua New Guinea and so began her humbling and healing experience of empowering women, one heart, and one drop at a time.

Geraldine is a Mother to two beautiful daughters Cyanne, 8, and Kenzi, 6.5 (she insists on the 1/2).


Yvette Mayer


After a 30 year long Advertising agency career, Yvette recently departed her Managing Director role, to pursue her passion for health and wellbeing. Of course as with most things, there is quite the story between these quite radically different career paths. A breast cancer diagnosis, re-evaluation of what’s truly important in life, 5 years living in NYC and a return to Sydney as the MD of the single largest agency office in the country (with 300+ staff).

Forward to 18 months ago. Yvette was overwhelmed with the stress of this role and unsure of how to extract herself from the trappings that come with enormous career success. When at this point she hopped on a phone call with “the other Yvette” (Luciano), she just wanted natural solutions to help with her health. Little did she know, that call would radically alter the course of her life.

Andy & Natalie Goodard

Double Blue Diamonds (U.S)

Andy & Natalie Goddard are US Founders and Double Blue Diamonds leaders. They have been a part of doTERRA since the very beginning and are dedicated to helping others discover their gifts and passions.

We are so excited to have Andy & Natalie join us down under for our 2019 Leadership Retreat. 

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