Free Oils for your customers!

Your personally enrolled new customers will receive the GROW doTERRA enrolment gift of a FREE oil when they place a 100 PV+ enrolment order. If their enrolment is greater than 400 PV+, they will receive and ADDITIONAL FREE oil.
*To receive the free oils, the enrolment must be processed by the participant using the GROW portal. 

Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) Enhancement for your customers!

If your GROW enrolee processes a 100 PV+ LRP the consecutive following month after their enrolment, they will receive 25 product points on their account!
*These LRP enhancement bonus points for your customers will be added to their accounts the following month – i.e Enrol in October, process a 100 PV+ LRP order in November, and receive 25 product points in December.    

Your Monthly Goals

Your challenge is to personally enrol 3 new customers* each month.  Achieving this will unlock your monthly bonuses! If you personally enrol 6 or more new customers* in any month of the program, we will credit your account with 50 product points.
*With a 100PV enrolment order, processed using your Grow portal.

Enrolment Bonus

When you achieve your Monthly Goal, you will unlock bonuses for yourself!

Monthly Goal: 3 Personal Enrolments of 100 PV+: you will be receive $50!

Stretch Goal: 5 Personal Enrolments of 100 PV+ : you will receive $200!

ALSO! We want to help you GROW, so if you personally enrol 6 people with 100 PV+ enrolment in any of the months, you will also receive 50 product points! 

Graduation Bonus and Prizes

To Graduate from GROW, you will need to achieve your enrolment goals (minimum of 3 personal enrolments with 100 PV+) each month.

As a thank you for sharing your passion and empowering others with our beautiful oils, you will 

  • Receive an exclusive doTERRA GROW t-shirt
  • Receive a $500 GROW graduation bonus
  • The top 10 enrollers in the program will receive a Mystery Swag Pack. 

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