Grow 2021 Mentors

Em Falconbridge

Hello beautiful humans...I'm Em and my superpower in doTERRA is thinking creatively and LOVING ON PEOPLE.

As a mentor I'll help you find and believe in your magic, support you along your authentic journey, think outside the box and share my passion & love for this amazing company from my 6 years in this business.

Can't wait to GROW together!

John Overbeek

John and Paula Overbeek, Blue Diamond Wellness Advocates from Melbourne, have a story of wonderful diversity and perseverance.

Paula, a woman of strength, determination, loyalty, and love. A single mother of two girls during her 30’s. John, a steady, reliable man of principles and ethics had worked for many years in the Victorian Police Force before a change into finance.

Their message then, as it is now, is a simple one; ‘share and teach’

Natasha Raphaela

A high school English Teacher turned "accidental" Wellness Advocate who has loved every moment of her doTERRA journey.  My favourite thing about being a leader is empowering others into making simple swaps in their home for the greater good of their health + family home. 


Adam Barralet

Adam Barralet is one of Australia’s Blue Diamond Leaders who calls the bushlands surrounding Perth, Western Australia his home.

He is a passionate advocate for all the gifts of nature and the benefits of doTERRA’s full range of essential oils and natural-based products for the body, mind and spirit. Allow Adam’s holistic approach and his enthusiastic and engaging style unveil how Mother Earth’s offerings can boost your overall health and well-being.

Adam’s favourite essential oil is Black Spruce for its ability to offer support and comfort, awaken wonder and transport you into the magic of the forest.

Maya Giampa

Maya is a heart centred leader who has a passion to empower others to succeed.

She offers education, encouragement and support in your Doterra journey. Maya inspires individuals to share and build a Doterra business in a way that is comfortable and authentic for each person, aligning with their abilities, needs and goals.

Maya has experience in teaching a variety of classes, both in person and online, including Aromatouch and Symphony of Cells. She thrives on continuing education and is constantly gaining further knowledge and development to continue to share with others.

Chunjie Dai

For the team members who worked with me in this event, I can help them adjust their mentality in the sharing process, establish the correct sharing and business philosophy, and teach them.

How do we use essential oils correctly, how to find members’ demand points to promote LRP orders, how to allow non-members to correctly experience our essential oils and feel the beauty of essential oils, and how to use self-media marketing to recommend non-members when they can’t face-to-face.

Hope to help more brave participants achieve success and have a new level of promotion.

Sycamore Wellbeing

doTERRA Blue Diamond and winner of the 2020 HOPE Award, Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall is passionate about helping people realise their dreams and embrace their potential.

PJ and Ura began with doTERRA in 2014, after a dream inspired PJ to walk the path of healing and transformation. Within 4 weeks, PJ was Elite and within 7 months they went Platinum. It took another 10 months to Diamond and at the 2nd year in doTERRA they celebrated Blue Diamond.

Despite the challenges and the setbacks that many businesses have endured, and even leaving big tech like Facebook and Instagram, PJ & Ura’s business has thrived, where this year they have invited nearly 70 new souls in the last 7 months who are enjoying newfound freedom and are loving the conscious lifestyle doTERRA offers.

PJ has 30 years experience in developing and coaching others. She loves helping Executive level leaders unleash their creativity to reach for Silver and above, and has a solid track record in helping many Executives hit Premier and Silver in a 90 day window. Her strengths are Strategic number one, followed by Ideation, Activator, Maximiser and Futuristic. She has a firm but loving approach to success that is solely focused on personal and professional growth and transformation.

Liping Zhao

My name is Kiki Liping Zhao. I am a Aroma Therapist Coach. I am in the Health Wellness & Lifestyle Business for over 20 years. doTERRA and I commenced a business relationship around late 2016.

Through continous learnings conducted by doTERRA, and through my personal usages of doTERRA's products. As a result, I am very motivated to share my knowledge and experiences with doTERRA's products to my increasingly growoing network of friends, associates, and public.

I am hopeful through efforts that I am able to benefit and help as many people as possible with doTERRA's products. I am very appreciative of doTERRA's support and assistance.

Helen Duke

Helen Duke is a Diamond Leader, Aroma Touch Technique Trainer and Founder of Heart of Essence. She lives in the South West of WA and is a mother of two now grown children and doting Grandma to one.

The ocean is her second home and she loves Yoga, Pilates and long beach walks with her dog Halo. Helen has a huge passion for empowering others and sharing the imeasurable joy and freedom doTERRA has created in her life, since she has began sharing in 2011.

Helen leads and mentors a global team of thousands. She will help you see your innate strengths and gifts, be your biggest cheerleader and offer heartfelt support, love and insite. "Building a doTERRA business is about connection, service, love and having fun along the way!"

Jing pan

I have good experience at how to share the products to other person. I would like to give my team member more help. Hope through this program, they will grow very quickly.

Kery O’Neill

doTERRA has given me and my family more than I could have possibly imagined when I bought my first Frankincense in 2011 to support my personal health challenge. I am a life-long learner with a passion for authentic education and empowered choice.

I love science and curiosity and see the process of science and the process of nature being innately linked. I am a mother of 3, a Vet, a Teacher and have an online education business which is an extra passion project.

A sense of community is incredibly important to me and the joy that comes from seeing others succeed fires me up. I am pretty blunt, excitable and passionate and have been told I am loud. Whoda thunk!

Adheesh Piel & Santoshi Stone

Adheesh and Santoshi feel incredibly grateful to lead a global team of 160,000 oil lovers spread over South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA.As Presidential Diamonds and Australian Founders we have a wealth of knowledge supporting our teams to grow and become successful in doTERRA.

As a certified Gallup Strengths Coach we have taught many to reach success through their unique coding of strengths and talent. We support and guide our up and coming team members to unlock their potential as they navigate the business.

We show them the best strategies on where to focus their efforts and energy, how to make decisions, and what steps to take before other steps.

Michelle Emslie

Michelle loves family, nature, animals and life adventures. Leading with integrity, heart connections and community, she encourages self-care and fun along the way!

She is positive, dedicated, and very creative in achieving goals, winning Diamond Club 2020 in a very challenging environment.

Her passion is to help each person grow; to embrace their unique essence and elevate their potential and belief in themselves.

Hung-Hui Chen

During Grow program, I am committed to openly share my experiences, assist everyone to the best of my ability to overcome any challenges. We will be facing obstacles and learning as a group and not as induvial.

We will be working as team; building as a community and achieving towards the same goal as a whole.

Don't be dishearten by the unattainable target, just start the process, soon you will realise that your unlimited potential is only awaiting to be discovered.

Diana Li

Essential oils can be ordinary or sacred. It all depends on our heart.

Essential oils are gifts from the earth and it is our best teachers. It will not just look after our physical injuries and soothe the wounds of our souls, but it also will help us to find ourselves.

Essential oils had accompany us in our journey of purifying and growing. If our encounter is also art of your journey and destiny, your welcome to explore the world of essential oils with us!

Suian Luo

I am teacher An An. I am from Sydney. Sydney is relatively prosperous and the most populous city in Australia. However, in Sydney, there are fewer Chinese doTERRA members than other cities. In the two years since I brought doTERRA into the Sydney Chinese market, it has been very popular.

It can be said that it has developed very smoothly, because we are the first batch of local aromatherapists with this system. And what we focus on teaching is the practical application of the upper aspects of life. I

n addition to relying on the highest level of essential oils, we also have a very large team of professional tutors and medical experts and professors. Welcome to join our ranks of health advocates and benefit more people!

Lyn Guerin

Lyn loves inspiring others to be the BEST VERSION of themselves. Lyn's believes that everyone has greatness within and when self-belief and ACTION are partnered any GOAL CAN BECOME A REALITY.

One of Lyn's favourite sayings/statements is 'EXCUSES OR RESULTS'. She encourages others to stop believing their own excuses and to expect that things WILL work out.

Lyn will have a lot of interaction with her- group in a fun, caring and uplifting environment. Lyn warns.... GROW PROGAM will not leave you where it found you.

Deanne Howard

Dee Howard is a doTERRA Diamond leader that lives on Phillip Island and is the mother of 2 active boys with a background in Yoga, Meditation, Remedial Massage and Energy Work.

Dee is a longtime student of the body-mind connection with a passion for plant-based healthcare, emotional resilience and mindfulness practices. Dee’s favourite oils to lean on are Frankincense, Lemon Aromatouch and Ice Blue.

Shy-Yin Huang

I came into contact with essential oils from South Africa seven years ago, and later moved to Australia because of my husband’s work. I became an operator from an essential oil lover and learned a lot from online teachers. ]

I can't wait to share it with the team managers, and look forward to more friends who are enthusiastic about this cause to join us and create a new spark to move towards a future of growth together.

Cathy and David Carlson

We talk, walk, breathe and live doTERRA. We are buzzing about meeting new friends and creating momentum, sharing ideas and having high energy enjoyable online sessions together. We want to help build confidence, belief and create new ideas and mindset around your doTERRA Business.

We have so much experience in sharing doTERRA and creating deep, meaningful connections with customers. We want to help you do the same!

Wan Chi Wu

As a new Gold leader, I will accompany all of my participants with love and patience. I would like to provide maximum support in all aspects: planning various themed home parties, discussing development plans and practicing follow-up skills. Challenges would be completed and a stronger team would formed.

Toni Wood

My mission is to create space for like-hearted people to come together to learn, support each other, share common goals, build community and connect. It is important for me to have a true balance of peace, purpose, and joy in this life. I have found this balance through a process of self-discovery, doing meaningful work that I love, and being true to myself.

Dr Martha Nessler

Dr Martha Nessler is a Chiropractor, Speaker, Entrepreneur Strategy Coach, Blue Diamond leader and New Zealand founder.

Dr. Martha Nessler is a successful entrepreneur, coach, international speaker, Doctor of Chiropractic, doTERRA Blue Diamond, and New Zealand Founder. Dr. Martha’s purpose is igniting others to acend in business, health and love. That purpose led her to becoming a Dr of Chiropractic, building a highly successful chiropractic clinic serving over 350 patients each week and was considered one of the top female chiropractors in the US.

Her passion, dedication and intuitive serving of her patients physical, emotional, mental and overall health and well-being, is what drove that success. She then experienced the amazing benefits of doTERRA essential oils for the first time. Immediately, she knew she had an additional way to help herself and others take control of their health.

Once she learned about the business side of doTERRA, she then realized she added a tremendous layer to her unique set of skills that would allow her to help so many more people. From those that just wanted to improve their physical and emotional health, to those that wanted to start a business, to chiropractors wanting to add additional back office revenue (as she did for herself), to those that wanted to up-level their entire life. When life took her out of the United States to beautiful New Zealand, she became a founder for doTERRA NZ.

Dr. Martha continues to take her personal and professional experience, knowledge and success and share that with others, in her unique way, through speaking events, private coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs, group coaching through intensive personal development programs and so much more. Her mission: to help as many people as possible, live the life of their dreams.

Dr. Martha continues to take her personal and professional experience, knowledge and success and share that with others, in her unique way, through speaking events, private coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs, group coaching through intensive personal development programs and so much more. Her mission: to help as many people as possible, live the life of their dreams.

Paul Ovens

Paul and Vanessa Jean combine to create a powerful force as leaders in network marketing with a business spanning 43 countries. They share a vision of this industry as one that has earned universal respect through professionalism, integrity and love. To this end they have redefined their vocation as ‘Connection Marketing’.

Their success has been driven by a strong focus on bringing people together and creating community connection through heart based, servant leadership and the joy they spread as they walk the ‘Path of the Soultrepreneur’. With a background in psychology and over 20 years experience in integrative therapies, Vanessa Jean brings her strengths to the fore assisting others in the field of personal development. Paul has invested the last 2 decades in training and inspiring teams to reach the top of their field in two direct sales companies.

Together they share a passion for freeing people from the matrix and the prisons of life, to return to love as sovereign, empowered beings.

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